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5 Year Buy Down1.89 %
5Yr Closed Purchase2.04 %
5 Yr Closed Refinance2.30 %
5Yr Variable Purchase PR-0.601.85 %
5Yr Variable Ref 30yr PR-0.501.95 %
30 Yr AM 5yr Term2.30 %
Builder Capital-New Builders4.99 %
Private First 5.99 %
Private Second8.99 %

IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU! Let my 34+ Years of Experience get you the Mortgage Rate, Package and Terms you deserve!

Purchase, Refinance, Equity Takeout, Renewal or Investment Property, I can help.  Call today (902-499-2475), Experience Matters.

Dean Sabourin  

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Dean Sabourin, Mortgage Planner

When Experience Matters; 34+ Years can mean the difference between an Approval and a Decline. 

Obtaining a mortgage shouldn't be about me, afterall, it's your mortgage.


Whether this is your first time obtaining a mortgage or second or third, when using the services of an unbiased professional, experience and relationships are factors you need to consider. With over 34+ years of experience, knowledge and relationships, I believe you deserve the Best Mortgage Package you can qualify for and it's my job to obtain it for you.


Here is a brief summary of my experience:


10 Years with Canada's Largest Bank

Left banking in 1996 to give consumers what a bank cannot: Selection, Tailored Made Products, Better Pricing and most important, treating you like a human, not a serial number.


Along the way, I have developed and or managed Teams of Mortgage Brokers, the largest team being a 180 Agents that used me for counsel, regulatorial guidance and sales management.


In 2015, I took a two year hiatus to help a friend grow a new National Schedule One Mortgage Lender based in Toronto. It was fun, but I missed the Street.


I am passionate about what I do: helping consumers get the Mortgage Rate and Packages they deserve.


To dispel any Myths, I am paid by the lender based upon the Term and Mortgage Amount, not the Rate. Unlike Bank Mortgage Specialists who get paid based upon Rate, Term & Mortgage Amount. I get paid the same whether your rate is Broker Pricing or Posted.


Ask yourself: "Would you rather use a Broker and save 1 to 4%, or go to your Banks and pay a higher rate to help pay for there branch lease/mortgage payments and ATM Network"