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5 Year Buy Down1.89 %
5Yr Closed Purchase2.04 %
5 Yr Closed Refinance2.30 %
5Yr Variable Purchase PR-0.601.85 %
5Yr Variable Ref 30yr PR-0.501.95 %
30 Yr AM 5yr Term2.30 %
Builder Capital-New Builders4.99 %
Private First 5.99 %
Private Second8.99 %

IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU! Let my 34+ Years of Experience get you the Mortgage Rate, Package and Terms you deserve!

Purchase, Refinance, Equity Takeout, Renewal or Investment Property, I can help.  Call today (902-499-2475), Experience Matters.

Dean Sabourin  

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Dean Sabourin, Mortgage Planner

When Experience Matters; 35 Years can mean the difference between an Approval and a Decline. 

Obtaining a mortgage shouldn't be about me, afterall, it's your mortgage.


Whether this is your first mortgage or obtainng your second or third, when using the services of an unbiased professional, experience and relationships are factors you need to consider.

With over 35 years of experience, knowledge and relationships, I believe you deserve the Best Mortgage Package you can qualify for and it's my job to obtain it for you.


Here is a brief summary of my experience:


10 Years with Canada's Largest Bank

Left banking in 1996 to give consumers what a bank cannot: Selection, Tailored Made Products, Better Pricing and most important, treating you like a human, not a serial number.


Along the way, I have developed and or managed Teams of Mortgage Brokers, with the largest team being a 180 Agents that used me for counsel, regulatorial guidance and sales management.


In 2015, I took a two year hiatus to help a friend grow a new National Schedule One Mortgage Lender based in Toronto. It was fun, but I missed the Street.


I am passionate about what I do: helping consumers get the Mortgage Rate and Packages they deserve.


To dispel any Myths, I am paid by the lender based upon the Term and Mortgage Amount, not the Rate. Unlike Bank Mortgage Specialists who get paid based upon Rate, Term & Mortgage Amount. I get paid the same whether your rate is Broker Pricing or Posted.


Ask yourself: "Would you rather use a Broker and save 1 to 4%, or go to your Banks and pay a higher rate to help pay for there branch lease/mortgage payments and ATM Network"